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Path to Good Health


Six months ago while on vacation from Hawaii, my family was on a road trip from Portland to Las Vegas. Four days into our journey I started experiencing severe abdominal pain and could find no relief. We were riving through Fort Bragg looking for a place to stay for the night when we saw this sign Natural Healing - Coast Inn and Spa. We pulled in and inquired about a room for the night. Chong was behind her counter surrounded by jars of Herbs and bottles of supplements of every kind imaginable. I asked about something to help my stomach and was given oils and was told to check into our room and that she was going to make me some soup. Long story short - I was healed - no pain! Back home in Hawaii, three months later, I went to the emergency room for the same type of pain and was told that a Cat Scan (CT) revealed stones in my gallbladder, The doctor was arranging a medivac on air ambulance to Honolulu and scheduling immediate surgery to remove my gallbladder. Not liking this plan and feeling rushed out the door with no alternate choices, I contacted my personal physician who agreed that if I could get through the night without pain medication or continuing pain I could go to the Island of Oahu via commercial airlines and schedule surgery another day. I called Chong and scheduled a the day cleanse, I flew in, did the cleanse and left 23 pounds lighter, 5 inches smaller in the waist, with skin that glowed, and feeling great. The day I returned to Honolulu I was scheduled for an MRI which showed NO STONES!  I flew back to the Big Island where my doctors remain baffled and I feel great.  Chong continues to assist and support me and replenish my supply of supplements.  With her assistance I will remain healthy and pain free for a long, long time.  Her knowledge and experience saved my gallbladder and has given me a new lease of life.  She is truly an angel of mercy, God works through her capable loving hands!


Mahalo and Aloha Chong Mejias!


Rick Jones

Honokaa, Hawaiilele


Testimony of Kaireen Martin


This is a physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery for me.

It’s a miracle.  I appreciate it so much!  I am totally looking forward to changing me. I was so sick; I thought for sure there was no coming back for me.  I had become so depressed.


After a lifetime of being abused by doctors and “healers”.  I absolutely knew not where to turn but inward.  I tried everything I knew how to do for myself and what it really came down to was I needed help.  More specifically, I needed the right help.  The right help for me has been Chong’s Natural Healing ten day program and maintenance program.


When I saw the state of my blood, I was motivated.  And there was a clear path.  A healing path.  The changes in my blood before and after the ten day program were so dramatic! It’s inspiring!  I am really feeling blessed to be experiencing the clarity, energy, and health I now feel.  I feel totally renewed, optimistic about my life and the future and happily committed to staying focused on good health.


I give much thanks to the folks at Natural Healing for helping to make so much possible for me.


Thank you Chong! You saved my Life

Love Kaireen


Dear Chong


We wanted to give you an update on how we are doing.  It has been 12 months since we finished our maintenance program.  Since that time we have continued receiving periodic colemas along with treatments from a Naturopathic practitioner.


We are happy to report that we are all doing better than ever.  We have stayed on the pH Miracle eating program (no meat except for ‘wild’ fish) and we exclusively drink alkaline water.  We have all kept our weight off and have lots of energy.  You would be impressed with our backyard garden   ---  we vastly expanded it and will soon have lots of organic produce.  We got our inspiration from seeing you go outside, pick your vegetables, and make your dinner.  We are loving it!


Rebeka’s skin is doing awesome . . . you would never be able to tell she had any skin issues.  A friend who works at a spa recently told her that the ‘strength’ of her skin (around the neck) was excellent.  Jean continues to feel better and better.  The nerve in my face and the ringing in my ear are about 80% healed and more progress is anticipated in both these areas.Different ones continue to comment on how young Jean & I look.  Those who try to guess our age are missing by about 10 years!I want to thank you for getting us off to an awesome start toward recovering our health.  We could not have done this without your assistance!


Very Truly Yours,


George W. Saunders Jr.




I can not thank you enough for generously sharing your knowledge and time helping me take the best care of my body possible. After finishing

your detox program everything about me changed for the better.

It seems to me that I am becoming healthier as I grow older. Almost certain that this is a direct result from choosing to listen to what you taught me about food, the body, and healing.  Four years later I still continue to live the transformation that occurred during my time with you and your family.  The plan now is to share my newfound passion and knowledge with as many people as I can.


Thank you for leading me to the truth.

I am forever grateful. Nico



Dear Chong (My sister)


It was only divine intervention that I landed at your door two weeks ago.  Your herbal cleanse and healing was the intervention I needed to determine my future life being that of sickness or that of health.  Thank you So much for your wisdom, patience, kindness, and friendship.  I am Humbled and awed by the magnitude of my experience with you.  It is profound.  It has changed my life completely.  You are an amazing woman in so many ways.  I am truly blessed to have met you and been the recipient of your healing.  I hope we can always keep in touch.


In love and deepest gratitude.



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